Satta King Matka Result 2020 – Brief Introduction

1964 Mumbai became growing up by Satta Matka game which is invented by Ratan Katari. But actual Satta King game invented by Kalyanji Bhagat and this satta game become very famous in India.

The all mill workers started participating the matka game which resulted in the bookies to open their own agent stall around the the mills. In ’1980 all bookies were shift their business outskirt of the city when the Maharashtra police caught them.

Ratan Katari is another successful controller of this satta matka game. relay the 19 months journey was very fantastic moment in India.

The Kalyan Matka has also become a famous game of the satta king for the people of today in india. This game of the named after the Satta King Kalyanji Bhagat who arrived in Bombay as a migrant in the year 1941. Primarily he was a sort of spice seller and managed a grocery store.

Satta King Matka Game

He started pioneering in the game of the matka gambling by the mode of accepting the bets given on the opening and the closing rates of the cotton that was traded in the wholesale market of New York.

After the death of Kalyanji Bhagat, the whole business was managed by Suresh Bhagat, his son and Suresh’s wife, Jaya Bhagat. Suresh Bhagat was killed in a plot which was planned by his son Hitesh Bhagat and Jaya Bhagat.

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